16 October 2010

Saturday Satire : The Old Golfer

Ninety-year-old Arthur has been a golf fanatic all his life, but his eyesight is failing him badly.

He returns home from the golf course one day and says to his wife

"That's it, no more golf for me. My eyesight is so bad I can't see where the ball goes after I've hit it"

His wife pours him a glass of wine and sympathises.

"I know" she says "Why don't you take my brother George with you and give it another try?"

"Your brother is 103" says Arthur. "What good will he be?"

"He may be 103, but he still has perfect eyesight, and he can watch your ball".

So the following Saturday Arthur and George go to the golf course.

At the first tee Arthur takes an almighty swing and the ball disappears off into the distance.

Arthur turns to George. "Did you see where it went?"

"Of course I did" says George. "I have perfect eyesight".

"Where did it go then?"

"Er, I can't remember".

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Hadriana's Treasures said...

Liked this one. Wish my memory was as good as it was when I was 18!