21 October 2010


Beautifully sunny but oh ever so cold this morning... enough to have me reaching for my scarf and gloves when taking Murphy out for his daily morning walk.

He is getting really good, when we get to the roadside he now sits without waiting to be asked. This might have more to do with the fact that he gets rewarded for doing this and therefore receives something nice for sitting down but also he is proving to be a very bright and intelligent dog who thinks things through for himself and rarely makes the same mistake twice.

Likewise when we go to bed, he has three biscuits. You cannot fool him by only giving him two as he has worked out that two is not equal to three and he will keep looking for the last one.

He has the run of the house when we are out, he has a bed downstairs and another one upstairs which gives him the choice of where he wants to sleep; usually he is to be found wherever the sunshine is as he loves the warmth.

Touch wood, he hasn't been at all destructive and neither does he explore the cupboards in the kitchen. He seems quite content to wait until we get home to work on his chewing skills, as even if we give him a rawhide chew he leaves it until we are there before he goes to work on with his teeth.


Eliza said...

He sounds like a wonderful dog. I can't have a dog till I give up work (when i'm ninety), it wouldn't be fair, but I can't wait. In the meantime I make do with walking other peoples when I get the chance.

Bernard said...

Thanks for those {{hugs}} and xx.
I feel better already! :)