20 September 2010

Still no pictures yet :-)

The holiday in the sun started on 3rd September, just as I finished my contract and we had booked it back in May so it had to be honoured even though College was just returning back after the long Summer break.

First of all, a trip to Derby to see friends and a brief catch up then on Sunday an overnight stay at the Russ Hill Hotel just outside of Gatwick which meant we had inclusive parking for the entire time away and free transfers to the airport.

The flight with easyjet, surprisingly easy, though it really can't call itself a ticketless airline anymore and selling extras like priority boarding will set you back another 3.50 per leg of your trip but ensures you get the best seats.. We didn't bother with that, got good seats at the back of the plane (my preferred 'safer' option) and sat back to enjoy the flight to Marseille.

We picked up the hire car, the staff were very helpful at Europcar, but it seemed very traumatic before we finally got our hands on the keys and with a 125 mile journey to our final destination it was gone 7pm local time before we finally could relax in the heat of the Languedoc region.

The parc is a Yelloh owned site with Keycamp/Eurocamp vans based on it and as such it was excellent though I think the Yelloh accommodation was superior to that of the other two companies and I quite fancied going with Yelloh next time. We had a meal in the clubhouse, and two beers for nearly 10 Euros meant we re-thought our options on catering and the following day visited a Hypermarket to top up with cheaper forms of food and drink. Not to mention, I love seeing all the different products and we had some excellent meals over the time we stayed in France mostly cooked either by me or SOH on the BBQ.

The only downside was getting stung by something in the sea on Day 2 and within minutes my foot was red, swollen and burning. The reps (Not Yelloh) were useless and I only got relief when it was put in hot water back at the caravan. Apparently you can get weever fish in the Mediterranean Sea and for the rest of the holiday I went in only when I had my rubber boots on to not get done twice.

The weather was stunning,with blue skies and sunshine daily. We only had rain on the last day, and overnight with cracking thunderstorms on the first night otherwise it was hot and beautiful for swimming and reading of which I did a lot of.

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Annette said...

Glad you had a great time but sorry to hear about the foot. It sounds painful!!!