18 September 2010

Je Suis Fatigue

We arrived back home, late last night, after a marathon journey back from the Languedoc region of France. Up early we had to drive to Marseille and return the hire car then we found the plane was delayed by Air Traffic Control France which meant we landed at Gatwick an hour later than we had envisaged. Not only late, but also at the wrong end as the plane was required at the North Terminal, but we were due to have landed at the South so onto buses with our luggage following us we headed back across the airport.

Finally, we picked up the car at the hotel which we had used to overnight and park at (reasonably priced too). We asked the satnav to find the way out of London Gatwick towards home, and by now it was nearly 6pm so Aggie (the satnav) told us we wouldn't reach home until midnight.. Little did she know how much we wanted to get home and by 11pm we were here. Jaded, fatigued and a little sad to see the end of a great holiday but home we are and we were greeted ecstatically this morning when we collected Murphy from his holiday home at Newquay though he got more excited when we pulled back into Redruth and he recognised where he was...

Today is a slow day, for necessity. We have lots to do but time to spare to do it in and time is precious. We had a great holiday with temperatures not less than 25oC (though it got up to 30+ during our stay) all the time we were there until Friday when it was a little cloudier and cooler.

Pictures and story to follow later

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Eliza said...

Glad you had a great holiday, I bet Murphy was ecstatic to see you :-)