26 September 2010

Happy 30th Birthday

SOH and I took a trip up to Jamaica Inn on the bikes today, for a 30th Birthday party. Over 80 members of the South West Section of the BMW club turned up to wish the section a happy birthday and Sally Robinson did a stirling job of providing the birthday cake. which was a lovely moist fruit cake under that lovely icing.

Can't say I knew many people there, but then again until I have been a couple of times it is hard to know who the regulars are but it is a lovely ride up onto Bodmin Moor and the parking is level and on solid ground.

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Kath said...

Its years since I've visited Jamaica Inn, but I'm sure now we are in Somerset, we will be nearer and more likely to come to Cornwall. I always loved the rugged North coast and I must be due a visit to Tintagel castle.