27 September 2010

Hmmm when is Halal appropriate?

I was disturbed last week by reports that a lot of shops, supermarkets and restaurants are serving Halal meat as it is appropriate for their islamic customers.

Yes I am a meat eater, but I want the animal suffering as little as possible and I don't believe that the process of killing animals the Halal way is appropriate and I find it distateful that the truth of how the meat is processing is being deliberately obscured for most customers. I will be asking the truth about the origins of the meat in shops now to ensure that the meat I eat is obtained as humanely as possible even if it means shopping elsewhere than where I do.

What I find intolerable is the fact that the general consumer is not aware of this change in the meat industry and why has so much importance has been made for pro-islamic practice rather than humane methods?

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Bernard said...

I read about this in the Daily Fail this week and last, and was really angry. I prepared a blog for it but after a re-read decided I had written in anger and didn't publish.

It is not only halal that is cruel but also the jewish method for kosher meat.
I also read from a report:-
"Under UK law, all farmed animals have to be stunned to render them unconscious before their throats are cut. However, a special legal exemption means that animals slaughtered, “by a religious method” - i.e. for halal or kosher meat - are exempt from this law and can have their throats cut whilst fully conscious. The terror and pain which these animals experience is immense. They are held in metal crushes or forced onto their backs before having their necks forcibly extended and their throats slashed. Death can take minutes."
I read the whole Report on Religious Slaughter
by Juliet Gellatley BSc (Zoology),

"a special legal exemption" !!!!
Very disturbing. I am thinking of writing to my MP.
Well done for bringing this up.
((hugs)) Bernard.