30 August 2010

Up with the Sunshine

and out with de boy... Murphy was being particularly well behaved this morning on the walk. We sometimes have a battle of wills over stopping and sitting at kerbsides but not today and he is finally learning to be a big dog and starting lifting his hind leg when peeing.. the things you forget about youngsters is that they don't always know how to do the adult things in life.

On our return, we put the washing out yesterday that wasn't quite dry and I settled down in front of the mountain of ironing after the mammoth session of washing. This moving lark isn't what it used to be, either that or I ended up with too much stuff and by that I mean clothes. Now the nights are drawing in, I want to freshen all those that have been in storage and check them over for future use.

We are also going to have a short break, in a few days so blogging will be a bit short on the ground but not to fret, I am taking my notebook with me for jotting down memories of the places I am going and with the camera fully charged the blog will be updated on my return. In the meantime I will leave you with some funnies to keep your mind off the fact of my absence.


Kath said...

Funny you mention pups learning to pee.Do male dogs just do this naturally? The reason I am curious is that both my female dogs lift their legs!
Enjoy your break.

Annette said...

Have a lovely time, sound like you deserve a break.