24 August 2010

Summer is going

The fresher mornings, full of the hint of autumnal ripeness, and the cooler shorter evenings tell me that, and I am not sorry. I love the hot sunny days, but I have always preferred Autumn, the gentle slowing down of the pace as everything prepares to slumber through Winter. The dying back of the trees to reveal startling silhouettes in the skyline are fascinating, as are the hidden gems in the garden covered by shrubs and plants through the Summer. I won't look forward to Winters cold embrace, but it will come, doubtless it will come.

The first lot of blackberries are dehydrated, and I plan to make some flapjacks one evening to see what they will taste like, but first I need to do some apples as well and am hoping this weekend will see a glut of them coming on to the market places. I will admit to a fondness for the braeburn apple, I love the crunchiness and sweetness it provides and use it for eating as well as for cooking but beggars cannot be choosers and I will have to see what is around.


Bernard said...

I am sure you will notice the milder winter climate down there in the West. :)
No more "Winters cold embrace" for Sage - as we shiver here in the East. :(

Eliza said...

I love autumn too, it's my favourite season. The fresh cool days, and the colours. I'm not a heat lover, especially these days (my age you know lol)