17 August 2010

My time is winding down

I am in the last few weeks of my current contract, then I am having a holiday in the South of France. Then I come back in a new job as Skills for Life tutor and alongside that (as it is only part-time) I am training three days a week in some of the libraries scattered around Cornwall. This takes me up to the same hours than I am working now which means I am fully employed until 10 Dec when this training ends and then I start looking for more work at that point in time again.

I also had been asked to work two days a week in my current employment, but unless the training doesn't occur this is unlikely to happen; I am quite sad about that as I enjoy working here and it is fun working with the team. However, I enjoy teaching, and need the hours to put towards my PGCE which I start when I get back from holiday.

We have a new addition to the household, Murphy the black labrador, who is just over 1 year old. He is entertaining, handsome and loves learning new tricks. I had missed the fun of being up at 6 in the morning out for walkies while still trying to wake up myself, but he keeps you on your toes. He can be a bit of a handful and is still learning to walk nicely on a lead without pulling like a train. Whoever had him before us didn't teach him any lead manners at all and we are having to teach him from scratch. He came with a pedigree, and a kennel club name of Almighty Ajax, but had always been known as Murphy and we didn't see the point of changing it because it does seem to suit him.

He snores like a train, rushes round the house like a lunatic when going out for a walk and is absolutely 100% ours. We have taken him swimming in the small beach area at Portreath and he loved it couldn't get him out of the water until we had a treat for him. I remember what it was like to have a puppy again, for even at a year old, he is still just a big puppy and he has managed to get into your heart mind and soul. He is going to kennels while we are away, the ones where he came from so we know he will be fine and yes he will miss us but it won't be forever.


Kath said...

He looks like a fun bundle of energy! Its surprising how quickly you all bond as a pack/family. He certainly sound slike a very happy boy. Our younger dog was 18 months when she came to us and was completely un-socialised. Like you, I really enjoyed showing her what a fun place the world could be.
Enjoy your holiday, he wont forget you while you are gone :D

Hogdayafternoon said...

Had a Black Lab for an amazing 16 years. My best pal. I knew he'd give his last breath for me. Still missing him after 19 years.

Eliza said...

He looks like he is full of trouble and fun.