20 August 2010

The Sauna

Murphy and I headed out into the misty morning, just a little after 6.15am, I thought to start with it was going to be cold, wet and miserable as well as blowing a gale.

I stepped out into the warmest, moistest morning air I think I can honestly say I have ever known. The wind was strong enough to push you sideways (when Murphy wasn't pulling at you), and yet the misty air was thick and smelt ever so slightly of ozone. It wasn't really wet, because it wasn't raining, but equally it wasn't dry it was kind of like the same steam in a sauna.

Murphy enjoyed his run, only being intimidated by a large bushy tree which shook it's leaves at him and I had to fight hard to laugh out loud as he gives you a dirty look when you do laugh at him.

Sunday, is a bike day, I have promised myself that.. so tomorrow is housekeeping tasks and roast pork for dinner.

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Eliza said...

Yes, very humid here too.