27 August 2010


I was flicking through the Daily Mail this morning, yes Dickiebo someone has to do it, when I came across an article on schooling in the 40s and 50s.

I remember the junior school well, must have been 1962/3. What I particularly remember is the milk that was put to 'warm' by the radiator for morning break which left it tasting unbelievable aweful with a faint cheesy taste. This has left me with a phobia about milk to the present day. If it isn't icy cold and fresh I cannot drink it.

I also remember well the PT lessons, when the boys stripped down to their vest and put on shorts. While we girls stripped down to our vests and navy blue sports knickers (complete with a little pocket for a hanky)... I never understood then why we also couldn't wear shorts like the boys but had to be singled out by wearing knickers. I felt self-conscious about it then, and never enjoyed the lessons ever.

Other than that, I have few physical mementos of those days, one of which has stayed with me for years and still travels with me across the world. That is a kapok stuffed felt red squirrel, that I made during one of the creative classes, I started to make a duck but when we left for Malaya it disappeared into the ether never to be seen again. The squirrel has long lost his hazelnut, but has stood the test of time. I keep him for his memories not his beauty.

What are your school memories? Good, bad, painful and joyful, enjoy them.


Bernard said...

I was just looking at those pictures about five minutes ago too.
I can remember nearly everything about those early days. I guess it was because I enjoyed them so much.
Your blog isn't the right place for me to recall all those times, but I do remember the milk.
If you were good you got to be a 'milk monitor' and in the Winter I can remember the milk being frozen solid, expanding upwards and pushing the tops up on a pillar of frozen milk.
We used to save the milk-top to shape over marbles. Like a small 'Fireman's Hat'. They would then run along the groove in the desk top and end up on the ink-well.
Yes, I can remember it all.

dickiebo said...

Yes, me too! They would place the crate of milk on the floor, in front of the (coal) fire. Y--uck! Tasted absolutely foul and I declined to have any. You're right - I shall NEVER forget the horrible, hot taste!
PS. Do be careful. Reading the Mail gets me into a lot of trouble on my blog!!

Annette said...

How funny you all talkng about school days when it was only the other day me and my frend, Gill, was talking and lauhging about ours.
I remember the milk and I loved it, still do, often have a glass now.
It wasnt heated by the way, and that sounds revolting.
I was happy at school and had lovely teachers.
You made me laugh about the gym and having those navy blue knickers, with pocket, we had proper shorts etc, but I was never one for sport and I still hate it now.Dont do any!!!
Love it when people talk about their school days.
P.S. I read Daily Mirror as well!!!

Annette said...

Sorry, it was the Daily Mail, not Mirror!!!

Annette said...

I made a mistake in the last one, sorry about that, so I thought Id write another comment.
I love it when people talk about their school days, it brings back happy memories for me,
I loved school.
I remember the milk and I loved it.There was only enough for half a class on fridays, so we had to wait 2 weeks anyway. I hated it when it wasn't my turn! I still drink a glass or two now. Mind you, it was cold , not warmed up.
That sounds disgusting.
As for the gym lessons and stripping down to your panties,even with a pocket, I did laugh. I must admit we had shorts etc, but I hated it. I dont like it now, and never do any!!!
Great subject could go on forever.