30 May 2011

Late Spring Bank Holiday

So much for the weather forecast of rain overnight clearing by 9am, it has only just brightened up here but we still have threatening skies.

The pond boys and I went for our walk earlish this morning, later than an early and earlier than a late walk. We met up with Ruby who is a brindle dog, some sort of terrier but I wouldn't like to say quite what; she is the size of a boxer and on first meeting can 'talk' very loudly. The pond boys are used to her now and knows her talking means nothing. We strolled along together through Victoria Park and into Trefusis where all three dogs were let off the lead and had a fun time playing with each other although when the tennis ball made an appearance I had Jaspers full attention.

Tomorrow, subject to the weather, we will take a walk up Carn Marth to the big pond that is up there, my back which has been aching since carrying a heavy box on Friday is finally recovering helped by me not a) overdoing it and b) a two day course of painskillers and inflammatories; such are the joys of old age.

As I type, the pond boys are sleeping off their early morning exercise. Although if I move an inch, they are wide awake instantly expectant of either more walks or treats, they don't mind which and in any order.

I am taking it easy today, just concentrating on the hoovering, and some much needed craft time. How are you all spending your Bank Holiday?

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Annette said...

Today (tuesday) is the first time we have gone out, cause of the rain! Still, got the odd jobs done at home. Back to work tomorrow.