01 June 2011

Pond Boys II

I hope to load up the pictures later so please excuse my tardiness. We had an extra day off, something for being good little people and it is a nice idea, better than an extra day at Christmastime when the weather is definitely not for doing outdoor jobs.
The boys and I set out for Carn Marth again yesterday, the rains had eased and it was just a little damp with the hint of a blue sky and hopefully sunshine we headed off up the hill.

We took the same route up as last time, staying off the main roads in favour of the footpaths and bridleways and the growth of the flowers (Weeds and nettles) since the last visit is truly spectacular. This time instead of turning off the bridleway towards the quarry we carried on up to the top and to officially mark the top of Carn Marth is a Waystone. We carried on around the trackway to the right of this stone and Murphy could smell the water, pulling harder in an effort to get there faster.

Eventually we arrived at a point where we could see the water, only it was about 15 ft below us, not that Murphy would have minded but he and Jasper stayed on the lead until we reached the beach location at one side of the quarry and then I let them off. It was like watching two teenagers in action, anything and everything had to be explored and then they would shake themselves causing mini-storms and rainbows in their paths. Jasper is quite keen on water it seems, he is happy to put his head under water to explore what is underneath and came out with a large branch wagging his tail in joy.

However when this was thrown back in the water, it immediately sank again this time without a trace. Shame on me as I didn't bring a tennis ball which they could have fetched but it does give us a walk to a swimming place as now many of the beaches are off limits to the boys until late o clock.

From the side of the pool there is a viewing platform, with views out to Bodmin more, the Falmouth estuary, Stithians reservoir etc even the tip at United Downs is listed as a viewpoint for some strange reason?

We eventually headed back down the hill, stopping at the little quarry for a runaround to help them dry off in the now warmer sunshine before heading further down and home via a bridleway/right of way which may or may not offer a short cut.

The boys were tired out yesterday evening, stirring only for their evening meal and then curling up together to sleep again. I would get photos of this companionship but I never have the camera to hand and as soon as one of us moves they wake up.

Back to work today.

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Eliza said...

Sounds like a great walk.