26 June 2011

Potato Harvest

This was the total potato harvest from the five seed potatoes that were planted in a tub outside.

I can't remember the variety, but they were lovely and went from being part of a plant to on the plate in under two hours and the texture was absolutely gorgeous. Me, I'm a picky potato eater and don't always like them especially if they taste a little earthy; but these little chaps were like ambrosia on the tastebuds.

The last time I had potatoes like this, was when Dad was still alive, but it certainly won't be the last time I attempt to grow them. Still searching for some late seed potatoes to plant for harvesting late summer.


Murphyfish said...

Had our first 'home grown' potatoes from the garden last week - sublime just about summed up the taste.

Annette said...

They look delicious!