19 June 2011

Murphy is 2

Happy 2nd Birthday to Murphy, he has enjoyed a lovely walk, a birthday biscuit and some new toys including a purple squeeky bone.. Jasper is confused but he will get the idea when he turns 2 in August..

Here are some pictures of Murphy to enjoy, complete with a picture of mini-me a leonardo figurine. On the right, he is contemplating where to start on the postman's leg (Note : this is not a real postman, nor from a postman's leg but a beef bone).

This was taken, not long after he came to us, looking lovely and slim - oh dear what have we become chunky monkey Murphy!

This was taken in March, the picture on the right, and that is Jasper's rubber toy he acquired.. I think he swapped it for a rope toy which Jasper promptly chewed up.

Jasper has his birthday in August, so expect more pictures then.

1 comment:

Kath said...

How nice to have photos, I do enjoy seeing them.
Happy Birhtday Murphy!