27 June 2011

Pond Boys go to the Beach

Yesterday we woke up to fog, but it was a false fog as when we set off to the beach with the pond boys, the sun was shining at the bottom of the hill and it was not only sunny but very warm.

This is the freshwater pond, which has grown smaller since my last visit; it is just behind the beach which sadly the Pond Boys are no longer welcome on until October.

The Pond Boys loved the water, which gets quite deep and you can see that Jasper has already been dunked under by the water running down his head.

Murphy's first visit here, saw him go under and he didn't enjoy it at all and took a little while to realise he wasn't going to drown (not that I don't worry about him) but now he has every confidence and swims strongly.
Jasper uses his legs to great benefit, and therefore is faster in the water as well as on land. Hence we have to take two balls one for each one to fetch back.

However when Jasper has the ball, Murphy tends to lay in wait and ambush him generally though Jasper has the upper hand, he is quicker but also taller.
An hour's exercise here did both dogs the world of good, and they slept yesterday afternoon allowing me to finish the painting of the downstairs acid yellow toilet.. actually it is growing on me and I think more like mediterranean in colour.


Asclepius said...

Wow that looks absolutely gorgeous. We started with fog here too, it didnt really shift but the heat kept climbing. Fortunately today is sunny but cooler.

Kath said...

Lovely photos, a great time was had by all :-D