14 June 2011

Green Men

 These are the two green men pendants? I brought from the online auction site. This one has a darker tinge of green to it and a hard to read expression on his face.

The ribbon threaded through it is the Cornish tartan, but it would equally work with a plain green ribbon I think.

The second green man pendant, on the right, is much easier to see the detail of the expression. I was lucky to get these two for £3.00 each and the seller carefully wrapped them along with the celtic pottery bowl.

The bowl is approximately three inches in diameter, and a lovely shade of blue as you can see by the pictures below.

Inside is quite plain, but almost a lapiz lazuli blue colour, while the outside is more decorated with blue's and dark greens. This came from the same seller, who packed them so securely for the trip down to the edge of the world that they arrived in perfect condition. I will admit to using the bowl to keep my car keys in on the mantlepiece, because it is nice to put them in a container. I am now keeping my eye on a plate in a similar style for the dining room table.

For illuminary, the picture on the left is of a piece of Troika Pottery, probably to me one of the nice one's I think but many of the pieces are not so pretty.

The Troika pottery, was set up in February 1963 by Leslie Illsley, Benny Sirota, and Jan Thompson, who each put up £1000 to take over the Wells Pottery at Wheal Dream, St Ives, Cornwall from 1963 to 1970, when it moved to Newlyn where it remained until its closure in 1983.

Troika had two main ranges of ceramics — the rough textured range and the smooth glazed ranges. Although there was some crossover in shapes and styles between the ranges, they each had different characters and different successes. Today, the rough glazed wares are more popular and numerous, although the smooth glazed wares are rarer and amongst some collectors, more sought after.


Taryn Tyler said...

Those are some amazing treasures. I love green men. They are so magical.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.. :)
Not sure if I liked the ceramics..
I do like texture, and abstracts, but I also like things that "feel" like something...
Like the green men and you lovely blue bowl!
that blue bowl would be by my sink catching rings and things when I did dishes in a HEART beat!
again thanks!