04 June 2011

Saturday Satire : To Wake a Cat

A school teacher was speaking to her class about what they had done at home over the weekend. Did they have any pets etc. She asked little Freddie who had thrust his hand up eager to answer and to to say what he had done.

Freddie said. "Well Miss my job on Sunday tea-times is to wake the cat up so it can go and have it's dinner".

Miss replied. " Thats good, you helping out, how did you wake the cat?"

Freddie replied. "Easy Miss. I just pissed in each of it's ears.

Miss, a little taken aback said. "Freddie thats not nice is it I think you had better come and speak to me".

So Freddie trots off to speak to the teacher who says to him. "What you said in class was not nice was it just how did you do it

Freddie replies. That's ok Miss. I just leaned over the cat and went Psssst in each of its ears.


dickiebo said...

Sounds like a true story to me! lol.

Rosalind Adam said...

It sounds pretty believable to me too. Hilarious.