21 June 2011

Midsummer is here

Greeted by rain and wind aplenty this morning and the news that the dry weather means there might be less blackberries and horse chestnuts around in the Autumn.

Still, the world has shifted once more, and from now on we are heading away from the warmth of the sun towards winter.. yep I know feeling like a killjoy lol

I am thinking that Summer may not be the glorious that we would like and expect but I am hoping instead that we get a lovely Autumn; my favourite time of year with the colours changing.

A friend of mine, well I call him that, is en-route to Cornwall by hand pedalled cycle, raising funds for the Colonel's funds Grenadier Guards. He set off from the Shetland Isles at the beginning of the month and is aiming for St Agnes on the Scilly Isles by the end of the month. He is arriving in Cornwall on 28th June and we are hoping for fine weather to greet and meet with him and his entourage and provide an escort to the ferry point at Penzance.

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Jennyta said...

The brambles around here have lots of flowers but time will tell.

Canyon Girl said...

I hope you will get nice summer weather. Living here in the desert mountains, I know one thing for sure, it will be hot and sunny for about 120 days. Yes, I count them because I want them to be over with.

Eliza said...

Happy midsummer to you. The horsechestnuts seemed to flower well in the spring, I don't know about the brambles. Have to wait and see.