23 June 2011

Mellow Yellow

Decided to update the downstairs toilet, which is quite dark not to mention cold in winter, and everywhere is painted cream so we acquired some 'warm sunshine' paint.

The jury is out at the moment, if the lights are on, the yellow is overpowering, just think acid yellow and with only a limited amount of light coming through the small window it is a little better, but I have a sneaking thought that I may be repainting it before too long perhaps by adding some magnolia paint to tone down the yellow.

Best laid plans of mice and men... still only the other bathroom and kitchen to go this time around. I have an idea they all involve yellow and white but in varying degrees of yellowness.

The bedroom is next on my list, and I already have some purple paint, which will make a nice contrasting wall feature while the others will be a little less in your face.


Kath said...

ooh show us your purple!

Kathy G said...

Sorry to hear your hard work may have to be redone. It's such a challenge to work around things in a small room.