03 June 2011

At last it's Friday

A long week, well actually all of two days work, but not done yet as I am working tomorrow in Truro with a student who wants the peace and quiet that is to be found there.. that and do some shopping afterwards.

The weather has been a bit up and down here, with fog and mist in the evenings but that has quickly gone as the sun came up and today it is hotter than inside the oven. Not complaining though it is nice even if it feels too hot for anything.

I spent four and a half hours, with a fellow tutor, teaching a group of students enough to pass their literacy portfolio; it was a warm and stuffy room and were it not for the location being where it was I would have suggested going out into the fresh air. Bless them, despite their apparent distaste for some of the activities they battled it out to get through so we finished 15 mins early. 

A nice cool drink, something to eat and I now feel more human.

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dickiebo said...

What on earth is a literacy portfolio? I have bad vibes!!!!!