06 June 2011

Sunny Sunday

While Leanne, and Kath not to mention a few others suffered deluges of rain, here at the Edge of the World we have had cloud but not a drop of rain and the ground is as dry as a bone.

The boys went for a walk over the fields, but even that early in the morning they got so hot very quickly that it wasn't too long before heading home.

A quick shop, at a local supermarket, and lunch was obtained. A nice quiche, with salad and a new potato salad (not from the garden yet!) and it was lovely. Enough for some left overs in the lunch boxes today.

Downloaded the pics from the camera, planted the fuschia's in the garden and it is looking as though we might actually benefit from the rain, but I am not banking on it. Today is scheduled to be dry with sunny intervals, while Tuesday is light rain. At any time soon I will expect a hosepipe ban to be announced.

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Kath said...

We had a gorgeous hot day on Saturday, when we went down to Totnes. For the rest of the week rain is forecast, but the garden needs it.