20 May 2011

One Year Anniversary

One year ago, I brought Tre Agan and have been happily living here ever since. Despite the upheaval and downsizing (well posessions anyway) not to mention gaining two black labradors and all of their tack/bedding etc it has been fun and interesting.

I can definitely recommend moving house as a real boost to getting rid of things that have served their purpose and make note of this, I am not going to stop just because I have moved in. I still have boxes which have stuff in that may never be used and need to be pruned. I don't think I will ever embrace minimalist living style, I like my comforts too much. Having said that, I have no need of more jumpers than I can wear but I will explore turning them into something else before I recycle them.

Rules of Posession

1. If it has served it's purpose then it should be got rid of, ebay, freecycle, charity shop, recycling
2. If I don't see the point of keeping it, then refer to rule 1.
3. If the upkeep is too expensive, then refer to rule 1.
4. If you can manage without it, then refer to rule 1.

What else could be added to the above, or do you think that is enough?


dickiebo said...

Gonna lose a lot of friends if you throw us all out!!!!!

Kathy G said...

I can't believe it's already been a year since you moved!

Your rules of possession sound quite sensible. I wish I could bring myself to follow them.

Sage said...

@Dickiebo - no friends are on the hit list..lol so you are very, very safe with me xx xx

@ Kathy G - I know it has gone shockingly fast but also opened my eyes as to what I have managed without so far hence the rules of posession.

Sarah McCabe said...

My rule of thumb (kind of a clarification of your number 4) is that if I don't actually use something for its intended purpose on a regular basis (regular being relative depending on the nature of the item) then it goes.

Kath said...

Happy Anniversary, Keslowena!
Wishing you many more happy years at Tre Agan.