25 May 2011

Pond Boys

This morning, and with no work on today, the boys and I headed up the hill to Carn Marth and the smallest pond I had seen but probably the smelliest.

Jasper found it first, but it was Murphy who wallowed in it like a hippo in a watering hole -he loves the water.

Carn Marth is a quarry, with views back over to the North coast, it definitely worth a walk and the boys had fun once I had ensured that it was safe for them to play.

The pond boys (as they have become renamed) were running around the bottom of the quarry as though they were infused with a huge boost of energy and made me laugh at their antics. While we have been letting Jasper off the lead, it has been in controlled situations and usually involves chasing a tennis ball. This time although I had the balls with me, I didn't use them as they were both exhausted and willingly came back to me for a treat (or two).

The picture above shows Murphy in his red harness, and Jasper in the blue.. and very smart they look.

This picture on the right shows the quarry from above, and the view you first have of it, in the bottom of the picture you can see the steps going down and from the muddy earth at the bottom of the quarry in wetter times it would be a lovely pool but all we had was a small smelly pond.

This was a picture of the drilling holes in close up from the picture above it was bang in the centre of the wall opposite.. makes you wonder who was employed there, and what their lives must have been like.

We had a lovely walk back home, taking a more direct route but somehow the walk up through the footpaths was more scenic than the roadway walk back. On our return the boys were treated to a cold shower courtesy of the hose but we still have an aromatic pair of pond boys!


Kath said...

What a wonderful playground for 2 lively boys!

Canyon Girl said...

I bet they slept well once they got home.--Inger