23 May 2011

Fat Boy Slim & Slim Boy Fat

These are the pet names for the two boys, Murphy is Slim Boy Fat giving Jasper the Fat Boy Slim title but it is a close run thing for since Jaspers arrival in April, Murphy is trimming down and Jasper is gaining a little bit of weight; no longer are his hip bones sticking through.

They both have a healthy shining coat, and many people comment on it when they meet the for the first time. Murphy is a lunatic, just wants to play with other dogs, or anything come to think of it while Jasper is serious about a tennis ball (well until we throw two then he usually just stands there waiting for a ball to appear in front of him).

Jasper is therefore allowed off the lead, he doesn't show much interest in running off but that may be due to the influence of Murphy on him as he follows with interest what Murphy finds but as he answers to his name and comes back we are trusting him more and more.

Both boys now have smart new harnesses, Jasper is in Blue while Murphy is in Red with matching leads; both have tags on their harnesses as we are trying to get rid of the collar marks from Jasper's neck and not wearing a collar means the hair is slowly recovering. I promise to get some new pictures, preferably when the boys are out running, but either me or the camera is not around to capture those lovely moments.

Murphy will have been with us a year come 12th June, and the following week on 19th will be his 2nd birthday while Jasper came to us on 19th March and he will be celebrating his 2nd birthday on 28 August this year... what to get them for their birthday?


Kath said...

Looking forward to the pics!

Jennyta said...

At least your dogs know what to do with a ball, unlike Paddy. :)