12 May 2011

On How the Cornish Pirates Fared against Worcester Warriors Part 1

It was a great evening, warm and just the hint of a cooler wind.

We arrived in good time, but already the ground was filling up rapidly, SOH and I decided to leave our 'normal' space in favour of sitting with friends (something we came to regret quite quickly).

It was an exciting match, but for all the wrong reasons. Worcester played well but not brilliantly, Pirates played under par for the first half and picked up during the second half, but too many mistakes, balls fumbled and good defending by Worcester meant that the Pirates could not claw back all of the points needed and the final score was 12 to the Pirates but 21 to the Warriors and so onto part 2 next Wednesday.

Pirates have the bit in their teeth, it just needs to translate into a win, with a margin of at least 9 points to beat the Warriors.. it is possible, just difficult.

We were on television, so we were told, at about 30 mins into the match. The seats were good, and if the action had been in our corner we would have had good views right in front, however it didn't and whenever something happened at the other end of the pitch the crowd to our left stood up and our view was zilch. The other problem was the language of the people around us and considering there were some young children sitting closeby it was not appropriate. Needless to say, next season we will be reverting back to our normal seats which are up at the main entrance and behind the posts. The view is better but distant but you don't get the traffic walking in front of you nor the language issues.


dickiebo said...

I diligently watched the entire game, trying to spot you!!! I did see a silly woman with a type of bandana on her forehead and wondered.....
Scrappy game!

Sage said...

@ dickiebo .. I was wearing my pirates hat with cross and skullbones but it was very distant (the pic that is).. game was made worse by the amount of errors from the Pirates.. can only hope the return match is better xx