18 May 2011

Mid Week Musings

Here we are on Wednesday, where does the week go? Well a couple of long days and then my last appointment of the weekday was this morning in not so sunny Penryn. The two other appointments this week are on Saturday morning in Truro so I am hoping that there will be some parking left for me.

I have some admin to do prior to the course I am running on Friday, and a lesson plan to prepare. I have a scheme of work so half the work is already done. This means a lot to me and I really want the session to go well so keep your fingers crossed.

Once home, it was get on with some baking, another madeira sponge cake to be filled with buttercream and jam, a madeira marble tray bake for lunchboxes, and a refridgerator chocolate biscuit cake for those naughty moments when nothing else but something sweet will do.

Just the ironing left to do, but that can wait until tomorrow. The chicken for dinner is gently roasting in the oven and will be served with some jersey royal potatoes and vegetables before we watch the second half of the Pirates v Worcester rugby match which the Pirates need to win by a minimum of 10 points if they are to keep Worcester out of the premier league. A toast to you brave lads in red and black we will be cheering you on tonight.

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Murphyfish said...

All the best to the Pirates ahaaa