24 May 2011

Compliments and Complaints

I have received both of the above in the past couple of weeks, through work. I was please with the compliment, as it was also copied in to my manager and was very good for my ego as after a few complaints I was feeling a little downhearted and it made me realise that each and every day is different, with new challenges and problems to resolve.

I also considered how and what feedback I give to my students, everyone likes a positive comment, and the odd occasion when I have had to remind them to get the work done I have tackled it in a way that encourages their participation.

I witnessed an incident today in a well known supermarket, where the person in question was so involved in her shopping that she completely ignored the checkout person who was very polite and pleasant and didn't deserve to be treated that way. I caught her eye and smiled in sympathy, and when it was my turn I made certain to respond to her questions, and when I had finished and she wished me a good afternoon I was able to wish her the same. It didn't take much on my part, we both left feeling happy and I hope she did too.

So today has been a happy day, perhaps we should start a positive movement whereby we are all nice to everyone else for a change... you never know it might catch on.


dickiebo said...

Gosh! If I tried to be nice, everybody would think that I was ill! lol.

☼Illuminary☼ said...

isn't it funny how sometimes you just have to be the first one to be nice..
and then you usually get the biggest butheads..
what is up with that?