27 May 2011

Today is

Sunshine and blue skies, a big difference from the grey skies and blustery conditions that we were inflicted with yesterday.

It is as though the weather gremlins are getting ready for the forthcoming bank holiday, "now what can we send to spoil it for a large number of people? I know, let the rains commence"

I am optimistic that here in the South West we will benefit from the weather passing through more quickly as I want to take the boys back to Carn Marth, which apparently if I had carried on up the hill would have led to a larger lake/pond for them pond boys to play in...

4.5 hours of teaching this morning was good, carrying a heavy box of materials up a flight and half of stairs has left my back feeling a little shell shocked but a nice bath and relaxation on the sofa is called for this evening.

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Kath said...

Standby Mr Sage, with the ralgex :-D