16 May 2011

Busy Weekend

Saturday afternoon, I was doing some sewing of the long hexigon shapes while watching St Ives play Holman's club and the sunshine was beautiful and warm with just a hint of a breeze to keep you cool while the men and boys ran around the pitch getting hot and bothered with their leather ball.

The pitch is on the salt marsh estuary, and next to the St Ives railway and it was a pretty area. We had decided to leave the boys at home, but there was enough space to have taken them; something to note for next season.

I didn't even take photographs while I was there which was bad of me, but I did manage to put together 20 shapes ready for putting together.. sorry Kath no hints as yet but I do now have a plan and as soon as I have a bit more done I will be posting some pics.

Sunday was an early start, as SOH had won an item on ebay for 99p but it meant collecting it from Devon.. no problems we thought a nice day out in the car and a chance to visit Trago Mills at Liskeard en-route to home. We took three sat-navs with us (no not because we needed them lol) to test out the maps on them, we got to nearly our final destination when one said turn left and the two newer ones said turn right... guess which way we went?

Yup we turned left and immediately all three chirped up with "turn around when possible" and the one that got it wrong was intended for the bike but will probably just want the maps updating on it.. but we have plenty of time before we need to worry about it.

Sunday night was roast pork loin with new potatoes followed by a rice pudding made with non-fattening cornish clotted cream lol

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