06 May 2011

The Assignment is Done

Actually I had to submit two essays, one on educational theorists relating it to a problem encountered in my teaching role and the other a literature review of an area that I want to develop later on in the second year.

The latter choice was easy, I wanted to look at e-learning and blogs in particular; how might they be used to support distance students as reflective practice but also to maintain better communications.

Also needed was

  • 20 hours of lesson plans along with the relevant coding of revised teaching standards, and reflective statements on what worked well etc. 
  • End of module reflections * 2
  • Breadth of Practice
  • Individual Development Portfolio with target dates
  • logged teaching hours

It is done, now I just have to wait for some feedback on whether it was enough or whether I need to do more work but in the meantime I plan to catch up with some much needed housework, and craftwork not to mention the odd book.


Murphyfish said...

Hope that it goes OK for you Sage, now then busy busy....

Alison said...

Hope it is all ok. I am in dire need of a good novel too - one essay to go!

Eliza said...

Good luck, it's always a relief when assignments are finished. When you've finished your housework do you fancy coming to do mine :-) I also have a book I need to finish reading, and a HUGE list of books I'd like to read *sigh*

Duncan D. Horne said...

I need to start reading a new novel too. I have one sitting on my bookshelf, it's just finding the time to do it!

Duncan In Kuantan