29 May 2011

Green Fingers

I know I have mentioned that my Dad was the gardener in my life, while my style of gardening is very much either grow or die.. take your pick :-)

Well, finances are hard (aren't they all for all of us these days) and buying shrubs and plants for the garden horrendously expensive so I have been collecting cuttings from shrubs and plants including two fuchsias (one red one white) as well as wigelia and a few others.. Not from people's gardens needless to say, but where they have grown wild or in public byways.

They have been thinking about doing something for a while now in the corner of the kitchen, but I am pleased to report that they have made up their mind and have decided to sprout new leaves. To be fair to them, the conditions are probably not ideal as it is a sunny kitchen so very warm but possibly too warm on occasion. Will try to remember to get pictures later on.

I had some rooting powder, which came down from the back of beyond, and it was kept for just such a purpose as this.

I am on the lookout for some box hedging, I miss my box hedge I will admit. One of my neighbours has got some in containers and I have asked for cuttings when she prunes them later this year.

My list includes a varieagated californian lilac as well as a dwarf lilac but I may have to bite the bullet and buy those ones.


Kath said...

You have some lovely plans, I look forward to seeing your garden progress.

dickiebo said...

Our wigelia is my fav. It looks really great.

Rosalind Adam said...

When we were restocking our garden we used to go out with plastic bags in our pocket. Each bag has some wet cotton wool and if we saw interesting bushes (not on private property of course) we'd pinch an end out and pop it in the bag. No harm done to anything and our garden is now well stocked, a lot of it with thanks to council landscaping along the hedgerows.