01 February 2010

Its no good, I've tried

On my to work, which is about 9 miles away, I get the chance to listen to 30 mins or so of radio and since the departure of the much missed Sir Terry de Wogan and the rest of the gang, I have tried on a couple of occasions to listen to Chris Evans.

Don't get me wrong, I used to listen to around about 10 mins of Drivetime when he was hosting that, and quite enjoyed it especially on a friday when callers could choose the tunes. Going home was a short pleasurable listening time and I did this if anyone could take over from Wogan it would be Evans.

How wrong I was, he is manic and it feels like I'm listening to Radio 1 with the music of Radio 2 with an manic DJ in charge of proceedings.

I dislike it so much, that I am listening to Pirate FM instead in the morning on the way to work, and Simon Mayo who has taken over the drivetime programme in the evening. I miss the gentle humour that accompanied Sir Tel, and I don't think I am alone in regretting the BBC's choice of successor to him; though no doubt the BBC will not back down as they usually insist that we don't know what's best for us.. hmmm similar sort of nanny state that the Government think we require.


Hogday said...

Its a taste I'll never acquire.

Kath said...

I agree!

dickiebo said...

I'm afraid you're correct! We, also, have tried the new man on the block but......I agree with you that he is just too manic for early a.m.! Perhaps later in the day!
We reckon that Richard Allison would have been a good 'un to take over.

Fire Byrd said...

So John Humphries is always good for a laugh!
I agree with you though Chris Evans is too brash for the morning. If I wanted that I could listen to the awful Chris Moyles.

soubriquet said...

Oh so rightly said. He's always been an annoying urchin.
I can't listen to him, nor did I ever watch his nasty TV programme without wanting to hurl heavy things at the screen.
In his defence, I'll say it could be worse, they could have hired Russel Brand.
Chris Evans is like a cheap taiwanese knock-off of a fake waxwork of Kenny Everett. Just not as good as the waxwork.

Joanne said...

I totally agree, I can't stand the guy - to listen to or look at!
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I look forward to seeing you on the other side..... or blog as the case may be LOL Take care and hopefully mee tup soon - Jo x