16 February 2010

I loved his books

Dick Francis, that is, who sadly died yesterday. I can remember eagerly awaiting the release of his newest novel (and really didn't care whether it was him, his wife or his son who wrote it) then sitting down and reading it in one go; usually within a couple of hours.

There was no point in even talking to me when I had my nose in a book, I was oblivious to the world and wouldn't surface, willingly, until I had read the last word.

The book would then join the rest of the book collection, sorted by order, until I took it down again for another refresh of the story. No matter how many times I read it, the story was just as fresh as before and just as gripping. I loved the tales of racing and enjoyed the way the stories ran, though I will admit the earlier books were better than the later ones where racing almost took second place.


Kathy G said...

I've read a few Dick Francis books. They were always page-turners, but I found them a bit too formulaic for my taste

I thought he had passed away a year or so ago; I was surprised to read the article in the paper over the weekend.

Jo Anne said...

I love a good read.
Please stop by and collect and award x

Kath said...

His books are real page turners, for sure.

Asclepius said...

I was exactly the same regarding the release of David Gemmells books. His work was far from literary masterpiece, infact in some cases his work lacked any trace of elegance. However every book he wrote captivated me, I used to buy his latest book the day it was released, read through it in one or two sittings and then feel lost, knowing I had months to wait before his next work would be published.

I had the privilage of meeting him at a book signing once. Its a very fond memory for me because many of his books impacted my life deeply. One book in particular Legend, probably his least skilled work is my go to book, whenever I'm feeling depressed, overwhelmed or out of control I still pick up my copy of legend and it makes me feel better.

Sadly David Gemmell died two months after the book signing I saw him at. His wife completed his last work and it is published. I am ten pages from the end and I havent touched it since. Its not because she has done his work an injustice, infact the transition from his work to her completion is almost seamless, but I know that if I finish this book there will be nothing more of his I have to read, I will have read it all and there will never be another David Gemmell book.

Валентин Шутко said...

прекрасный постик!!! мне понравился оч!!! буду вас читать. а вы не забывайте обо мне Моя жизнь

Annette said...

Geoff, my husband, loves Dick Francis, and he is upset about his death.
I think he has read every book he has written.

Fire Byrd said...

I thought he died a long time ago and his books have been ghost written for the last few years.... Oh well I learn something new everyday.
off to go and get a cup of copy now