12 February 2010


Time is flying by really quickly this year, and yet at the same time dragging it's heels.

What do I mean by that?

Well the days are getting longer, and the sun is definitely getting warmer (when you see it that is), but the temperature seems still to be as cold as the depths of winter. Here we are in virtually in the middle of February and this morning I was outside at -3 degrees C defrosting my car to go to work yet the sunshine was bright enough to dazzle.

The children are just starting their half-term here, 6 weeks after returning to work, meanwhile I have been at my job for the same amount of time and it has flown by. I am looking around for more permanent work as this is only temporary until the Summer but I am ever hopeful the right job will turn up for me. The one thing it has taught me is that I can fit in to a new team quickly and pretty much do the job without feeling like a fish out of water, which is something you never really know until you do it; and after nearly 30 years in one employment I will admit to having doubts.

All we need now is for the house to sell, so we can buy something down here and move out of the caravan into our own space. Not only that we plan on having a dog, torn between a German Shepherd and a Belgian Shepherd. SOH likes the idea of having a shepherd dog, I like the idea of having a big dog after years of little jack russells and it won't remind me of Sam quite so much. We saw a 4 month old Belgian Shepherd called Hudson at Pool market a week or so ago and he was absolutely gorgeous but we have to wait for the right circumstances.

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Kath said...

I know what you mean, my head tells me it's nearly Spring, but my frozen face, with it's features flayed off by a NE wind, tells me winter is still dragging on...
Hmm Belgian Shepherds, absolutely adorable, wonderful choice.