22 February 2010

Piggin' Lovely

Went out yesterday, with SOH's family to bring home the bacon...

Well actually a 17stone, 9 month old gilt called Big Girl who is a cross breed gloucester old spot and has a lovely temperament; though she didn't think much of being coaxed into the trailer to bring her back home to Redruth.

She almost became bacon though, and the two other gilts sharing her stall were off to the 'you know where' today but the family have an idea to raise their own piglets rather than buying weaners and raising them.

We even had lessons in inseminating pigs with AI you can buy over the internet; I didn't know you could DIY AI for pigs but you can and cheaper than it would cost to sent the pig to the boar..

You live and learn.


Fire Byrd said...

You are a multi talented person, pigs and rats!

Kath said...

I love pigs, especially the Old and rare breeds.