02 February 2010

An Offer to buy the House

I had another offer on the house, but it turns out to be a bogus one, apparently the 'company' agrees to buy the house, but you have to indemnify them against any and all admin charges they might incur while they try to find a buyer for you.

My estate agent told me they were bogus and there is a report in the Daily Mirror saying just that, even Trading Standards have now got involved and taking the company owner to court over unfair practice. I am still trying to find the link again, and when I do I will update this post.

So if you are considering selling your house, and you get a similar offer be careful as it isn't likely to bring you anything but misery and cost you money.

On a brighter note, I just reached 600 posts... my word what a load of drivel I have filled the internet void with :-)

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