03 February 2010

Book Stop

I don't always have too much time on my hands now to curl up with a book, in fact the only time I generally have is when I am on my lunch at work. I don't know whether this is because I am getting older and reading is more of a struggle; long gone are the days when I used to curl up with a book in bed reading until the small hours of the morning, desperate to get to the climax of the story.

Nowadays I am lucky if I can read a book a month, never mind a week or even a day. I am lucky in that there is a small library where I work which has some fiction books as well as the more mundane text books (though archaeology is never really dull lol) but also they have a book stop.

People can bring along books they no longer want and place them at the book stop for others to pick them up, read them and either keep them or return to either the same or a different location. I suppose similar to book crossing only much more local.

I have picked up a book by Sarah Harrison - The Dreaming Stones - but similarly written to that of Barbara Erskine's novels where the central character reaches back over the history to an earlier character and this is the crux of the novel. Haven't yet started it as I am trying to finish Zoe Ferraris The Night of the Miraj set in Saudi Arabia and reads a bit like a Columbo story but for all of that you can almost smell the heat of the sand and the scent of the camels. Not a boiled egg in sight.


Fire Byrd said...

I'm trying to get work to have a book swop shelf.
Reading is such a pleasure and I have to give myself permission sometimes to just sit and read.

Kath said...

We have such a shelf at the day centre where I work. I am reading one book at bedtime just now, I have another story on tape in the kitchen for painting and a 3rd on CD in the car for driving to work and back. And no, I dont get muddled up with the 3 different stories, maybe because I listen to them in 3 different settings.

gemmak said...

Ergh...I am so behind reading your blog I am completely lost!I will catch up but so much seems to have changed in your world....for the better I hope! :)