05 February 2010


Not me the car!!

Coming home on Tuesday I thought the car sounded a little noisier than normal, and when I got back home one of the family said the exhaust has gone and the car now sounded like a tractor. I groaned... I didn't need this now, nor in the future, but the car is almost 10 years old and hasn't really had many problems at all during that time. Good job too as I am not an aspiring mechnanic and rely on garages etc to keep me sane and on the road

SOH lent me his car for work, as I have further to go, I have only driven it once and being an estate car I have felt a little nervous about driving it before. I only managed to stall it once and that was trying to reverse into a car parking space at work but in my defence the car was on full lock and apparently is a bit more tempramental. I made to work, and home again and even felt a little more comfortable.

Yesterday, SOH took mine to work and en-route the hole in exhaust developed into a fracture. He coaxed it home yesterday where hopefully at the weekend a family member might be able to weld it back together again, but now we have one car between us and his start time is earlier than mine so I get to take him to work and then come back for an hour or so before I need to get to work myself. Needless to say I managed to find the time to catch up with the news on the BBC and watch an episode of Heartbeat being too tired to do much more than tv watch this morning. Still it could have been worse, he might have still been on the 2am job rather than the 5am job.

I managed to leave my mobile phone at work yesterday evening, and today he left his at home... For those of you wondering about the bikes, and not using them, the storage area where they are being kept is boggy and my chances of getting the bike in and out is zero.. a nice couple of days of dry warm weather wouldn't go amiss right now.


Jo Anne said...

Oh No! I fear car surgery is required rapidly, before too many of those 5am starts have to come into play LOl

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hope things get sorted out with the car, Sage. Ours is a bit dodgy too....fingers crossed we can keep it going!

Good luck with the bike as well!

Kath said...

never fear my lovely, Spring is on it's way and you'll soon be a biker chick again :)