19 February 2010


I was really looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics from Vancouver, and boy have I been disappointed.

Not with the competitors, the weather, the location, the time difference.. no just that the BBC are not putting on as much as I would have liked, where were the highlights - hidden away on BBC2 as though it was something to hide.

If it had been Wimbledon the channels would have been swamped with live matches, replays and highlights of the day; likewise football, we get a glut of it, with the FA Cup, the Euro matches, the world cup etc.. but the Olympics held every 4 years have had so little air time in prime time and I cannot stay awake long enough to watch it live at midnight and beyond.

What exactly do I pay my licence fees for BBC, please tell me that.. Oh hang on, I know it's those damn celebrity shows you insist are entertainment. Well let me tell you that you have it wrong, and that eventually we the people will rebel until you start putting on decent programming schedules and not endless repeats or celebrity showcases.


Dan said...

Not to mention, they probably see us as having "not much hope" against the rest of the world, so figure we don't care about it... It's the "We can't win so we won't watch" mentality.

Have a poke around online - you might be able to find stuff on there somewhere :)

dickiebo said...

You live in hope and you will die of despair. After all, the BBC only have 74 personnel at the Games - 12 more than we have competitors!

Kathy G said...

Here in the USA we're getting several hours of coverage every night during prime time, but it's pretty parochial. Unless a popular American athlete is competing, it doesn't get covered. Sad.

Relax Max said...

Not to worry - I'm watching your share. :)

I watched the late night recap last night and saw the young lady with the gold medal singing along with your national anthem as the Union was raised. I hadn't realized winter gold had been so long for you. Sorry you missed it and sorry your are paying this BBC thing. :) :)

At least you don't have to watch all the BC tourism commercials...