11 February 2010

Ideas for Packed Lunches

I am running out of ideas for packed lunches, I can only do sandwiches with plain fillings as I don't like soggy bread and as my journey to work has to start reasonably early I cannot really do them in the morning.

Other than ham and pickle, or cheese and pickle (and I can't eat a lot of cheese these days) or the fallback of peanut butter I am at a loss for the right ideas.

I can take a salad, and have done for the past two days, and as the main canteen for the office is right downstairs with fridges for our use, I have access to storing salads to keep them cold.

I could take bread and butter, and then put on salmon to make them fresh, but it still lacks originality or even enthusiasm.

I did find some sandwich recipes on-line but again it would make the bread soggy or contains too much mayonnaise etc for my liking.

Today I am having garlic chicken wraps with grapes, I have spread the tortilla wrap very thinly with some garlic mayonnaise, sprinkled some chicken on it and the grapes are stored in the same container so I just have to cut them in two and add them to the wrap

What do others do for their lunch, because as nice as the lunches are downstairs and yesterday they did roast lamb, they are too expensive to do each day and not only that I can't eat two main meals a day as it makes me to full.

So ideas please either it can be in a comment or on your own blog, there must be some good ideas out there.


Kathy G said...

Sorry, I'm not much help. Since I have access to a microwave at work, I cook extra for dinner and bring leftovers for lunch the next day.

Could you buy some plastic containers to carry the sandwich fillings, wrap the bread separately, and assemble everything at the last minute?

Anonymous said...

Leftovers (if you have a microwave)


A. said...

I used to take soups, sometimes home-made and sometimes the excellent cartons they do these days. More warming than a salad this weather, I think, and they can be quite filling.

Alison said...

I have soup a lot as I have access to a microwave also.

E.S. said...

When "Le Chef" is working I send him off with a sandwich of home-made bread, filled to overflowing with cold meat or trout (leftovers from roasts kept in the freezer), with a little mayo, lettuce and tomato or fresh beetroot. That and a piece of fruit. The sarnie must be a soggy mess by lunch time, but I haven't had any complaints!

icemaidensmellingthecoffee said...

Try cous cous with a variety of additions, roast vegetables, a little left over meat from a roast, tomatoes, spring onions, perhaps a little tinned tuna, the possibilities are many. Hope that helps. also a dilemma as I leave early and can't think the night before what I might fancy 18 hours later.