15 February 2010

Weekend of sunshine and warmth

It was nice to sit out in the warm sunshine yesterday, I was cleaning some of the bike gloves and boots using good old fashioned saddlesoap, they will need re-conditioning at some point in time, but the storage conditions are not ideal for leather and some of the gloves had grown a lovely mildew covering of mould which comes off beautifully with a bit of warm water and some saddle soap. I brought a bar of it when we visited Trago Mills at Liskeard as I thought it might come in handy and it has done. The only thing I didn't buy which I regret is some Kao-Ko-Line which is used to condition leather and waterproof it without rotting the stitching. Very important in boots and gloves which can be expensive to buy and not always easy to find the ones that suit.

The afternoon was spent, as it got cooler outside, in front of the TV watching the rugby, England were playing Italy and making a ham-fisted job of beating them. Not that the Italians were playing badly, it was more that England were throwing away chances and Johnny Wilkinson didn't help by missing three penalty kicks; this was later blamed on the fact that a Mitre rugby ball was being used - not something he was used to.. My dad always said a bad workmen always blames his tools, so hopefully JW will gear up for the next round of matches.

I made the mistake of trying some mulled wine SOH was given for christmas, and on an empty stomach it made me feel really yeuch. Enough at the end to go and get some tablets to cure the headache. Though later a nice piece of treacle tart with some clotted cream went down nicely. We brought it from Kingsley market along with some sausages. I will definitely be going back there for meat as the prices were as reasonable as the bigger supermarkets and it is nice to support the local economy. In all the times I have visited cornwall I had never been there and didn't know what I was missing.


E.S. said...

It was warm enough yesterday to work in the garden doing some tyding that never got done at the "back end" of the year - it was certainly not warm enough in Scotland to sit out. I've made a note of Kingsley market as a place to go for local produce - Le Chef and I are planning to tow the caravan all the way to Cornwall for our summer holly-bags. :-)

E.S. said...

Sorry for the typo. "tidying" I meant.

Annette said...

I hate mulled wine but my fav is the treacle tart.
Any time, any place, any where!!!

Kath said...

I always knew treacle tart was a cure for everything! :D