09 February 2010

Back to the folds of Winter

Over here in the West at the Edge of the World, the cold fingers of Winter are reaching out, not as badly as for those living in the East of the Country where snow and ice are making lives so much more difficult.

It seems strange to see on the news the weather only 300 miles away and yet so different to what I wake up to.

Even that is small stuff in comparison to the snowfall that the East Coast of the US has received and is still receiving, they are expecting another 18 inches on top of the 3ft they have already but they still manage to run their services and some hardy souls are skiing to work in the capital.

Take note England for when we even get 2 inches of the white fluffy stuff we grind everything to a halt for days.

I can't wait for the warmer days to return, last weekend we even had warm sunshine and light winds, enough for me to ditch my coat for a waistcoat for a short trip into town and not notice the cold. But I am keeping an eye out on the first signs of a real spring emerging though Sally over at Cornwall beside the Sea has seen the first daffodils blooming at Portreath.

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