14 September 2009

The sad story of a phone

In May 2008, I traded up on my mobile contract for a Sony Ericsson W960i phone.. touch screen, large display window, cute as could be... I was very tempted by the Nokia N95 but it cost £80 more and I couldn't justify the costs...

How I later came to regret that decision...

Within a few months, I began to get problems, the battery would just drain, the phone wouldn't work as in ringing calls and I made the first of many visits to Vodaphone.. initially they said try the software upgrade, just download and install it..

Phone wouldn't accept it..

Took it on it's first trip back to Vodaphone, back within a week, they had done the software upgrade..

All too soon it was apparent that the problem wasn't the software on the phone..

Back to Vodaphone again, this time they had it for 2 weeks, they had replaced the circuit board...

All too soon it was apparent that this hadn't worked either..

I took it back in August for yet another visit, tried to explain that the problem was intermittent, that the lights were on in the phone, but obviously the phone wasn't capable of communicating that it wasn't at home.. you could only restart the phone if you took the battery out.. something which you shouldn't do as it isn't good for the technology.

I went back to pick it up just before the bank holiday, but their service department had returned the phone without the battery.. I couldn't pick it up before last saturday and even then they had to search the shop looking for a) the phone and b) the battery which were located in two different places.

Finally I had my phone back, they assured me that they had replaced the faulty battery charger... hmmm I thought different but implausible... and sure enough yesterday I went to make a phone call and the phone hung on opening a folder, when I rebooted it the battery which previously was showing full was now 2/3 empty and the folder now opened.

I then got on the phone to Vodaphone, explained the situation and as a result a brand new Nokia 5800 touchphone is heading to me and should reach the back of beyondsville tomorrow... I am so happy and yet so sad. The Sony phone is a lovely phone, but can't be relied upon and I need on that is so it will be used as a back up phone I think and I may get it unlocked and get an O2 sim card for it... that way I can still use it but not as my main phone.

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