02 September 2009

It seems funny

It is an almost surreal time, I feel in limbo not part of here anymore (at the back of beyond) but not yet part of the new place (the Edge of the World)..

but I know it will happen, the house is slowly taking shape, and becoming more empty as personal possessions are packed away to be reopened at EOTW (eventually).

A list of jobs as long as your arm are being made for the new property, but ideas are flowing in thick and fast..

in the main the heating needs doing as the LPG system is not sufficient so I am contemplating Oil fired, something I am used to at the current place and no mains gas helps in that decision.

The electrics needs checking and probably rewiring as there is an insufficient number of sockets in the rooms and it might as well be done at the start than afterwards. The kitchen doesn't need anything doing to it other than a good clean out, and the kitchen is one of the reasons I fell for this place, so nice to be able to walk in and think you could see yourself cooking in it straight away.

The carpets need replacing, but to start with they will get a good cleaning with a hired cleaner as it will help remove the cigarette smells but this won't remove the burns from the flooring.

The bathroom is a fetching shade of pink... mmmm think this might be removed and converted into a wet room as it is a little on the small side to accommodate a bath and a shower and I kinda like the idea of a wet room especially if I get a dog in the future it will make bathing them dead simple.

A colour scheme is being generated and hopefully before too long this will converted into a long painting session... I am glutton for punishment.


Kathy G said...

It won't be long before you make your new house your own!

Joanne said...

Sooo exciting x

Alison said...

Wow, it's really moving along now. Very excited for you!

Eliza said...

Moving is exciting, but very stressful! I wish you good luck in your new home :-)