03 September 2009

7 Years

It was seven years ago today that my world changed forever, I was on holiday with my Dad near St Austell, the night before we had been talking about what to do on the following day and we had finally decided on visiting the Eden Project. Dad was going to drop me off to look around and then pick me up later on with me returning the favour later.

Now as you well know my first visit to the Eden project was last year, and that was to finally lay the ghosts to rest to do the tasks left undone by his untimely death. I hadn't known how much I had missed Cornwall until I came back last year, and it seems fitting to be making the move this year to live down there.

To Dad, miss you, love you and you are always part of me no matter where I am.


A. said...

That must have been a dreadful experience for you, losing your father while on holiday. It seems somehow as though you are completing a circle now. You've been back to the Eden Project, and now moving to Cornwall.

Joanne said...

What a lovely post, and wonderful that you can now move to an area that could bring you closer to him whenever you felt like it, just by taking a little visit to Eden (it's only 45 minutes away from you when you move!)

Rach said...

They are aren't they? I still consult mine before I make a decision and he will have been gone 20 years next year....xx

Alison said...

I lost my own Dad 8 years ago, and I know exactly what you are saying. I'm still rebuilding my life in many ways now.