21 September 2009

Freecycling - the joys and the despair

Those of you that know me, know my love of recycling or freecycling... one man's rubbish is another man's treasure..

I put a request on my local freecycle branch for some kitten stuff, as Piran and Saffy are coming back with me after my Interview on the 9th October... they have to be introduced to the ratz before they get too old and set in their ways... so home they are coming...

If I haven't mentioned them before it was all very up in the air, but I decided that I was going to have some new pets and it would be a while before I could entertain a dog, a cat would be more up my street. A family member has had two litters from each of her three cats in quick succession and a quick chat to her had me pick out Piran who gets his name because he is mostly black and white, then I had another thought and decided two was better than one, so Saffy was included as he is all black with blue eyes...

Friday saw me driving to a nearby village, en-route to a big pet's store as I needed more rat food, and collecting a travelling box.. a good size and a good scrub will see that as good as new and certainly at the price of being free.. thanks to Hazel for that one.

So yesterday involved a (what was supposed to be 35 mins drive to North London) traumatic drive to a location which is too close for comfort to the smoke, involving mapquest directions which didn't match the roads near London Colney (due to the bypass); I eventually collected a covered-in litter tray, a learner kitten tray and a stack of goodies from Emma ... thank you so much for that it was really appreciated and apologies for arriving about 40 minutes late and taking my phone calls for assistance in finding you :-)

I am preparing the study as the room of choice to be the nursery for the kittens as during the day I don't want an open war zone in the house.. so over the weekend, I packed and decluttered this room and now just have to paint it and I am going to get a doorway, hopefully through freecycle, so that the little 'uns can be caged I mean kept securely in their domain.

Pictures will follow as and when I can get them off my phone...lol


Kathy G said...

Two cats are better than one. They should take out their aggression on each other, not you!

Glad you were able to get so much stuff free. I've gotten rid of quite a bit on Freecycle...not picked up much (by choice).

Kippers Dickie said...

My, you do like to pile up the problems....but I don't blame you.
Fancy getting two kittens (a kendel) right in the process of moving house!
I'm putting off moving until my two old feline friends are....well, content to remain here, so to speak.
Now if I remember correctly isn't there a St. Piran somewhere down in Cornwall.

Relax Max said...

It’s hard trying to follow you around, but fun. :)