07 September 2009

I've been Skipping all weekend

All in the name of decluttering...lol

Not involving a rope, only old bits found in the shed at the bottom of the garden, the small shed, the greenhouse and the little shed... half an engine, various garden pots and other detritus all was carried down and put into the large skip ordered and delivered on Friday.. can definitely recommend it as a means of release. I was absolutely cream crackered last night, made a sandwich for tea as I was too tired to cook.

Originally I was supposed to have another viewing yesterday, but this was postponed until during the week so I carried on taking stuff out to the skip. The attic was emptied, stuff I had forgotten was in there as well as stuff I then remembered.. including two brand new army sleeping bags (any offers anyone?); I suspect that Dad 'alf-inched them during his time in the stores way back in the mists of time.

The chair in the spare room was broken up with a sledgehammer, as was the old bookcase by the back door... to take up less space in the tip. Likewise, old bits and bobs from the greenhouse all went to the skip.

Identifying stuff to take with me was easy, and getting rid of rubbish was relatively easy, what was more difficult was some of the stuff which had memories but no practical purpose... these have been put in the carport for a second thought while I carry on filling up the skip.

A busy weekend, and yet an enjoyable one..


Millennium Housewife said...

Let's take bets on how long before someone dumps an old matteress in your skip...
Just over to say a massive thankyou for following my blog, it really made my day to see you up there! Cheers MH x

Sage said...

@Millenium Housewife - where I live the neighbours ask before they put anything into the skip and are pretty good at not just dumping stuff...

Back of Beyondsville is sometimes a nice place to live.. I just don't want to live here anymore I want to be at the Edge of the World..