10 September 2009

Its Time for the Whatjamacallit

I guess it is time that I generated my own award, for those who follow most avidly, and for those whom I follow... I give you... the whatjamacallit award.

To pick out from those on my list would be near on impossible, as you are there for a good reason, you are my friends, my source of knowledge and very much humour..

Please take this award and put it on your own blog sure in the certainty that it is unique, just like yourselves and very much important to my day to know what you are doing, where you are going and what your day is like.

Whatjamacallit - an object or place that one can't recall the actual name for. How else do you name something that doesn't otherwise have a name...


dickiebo said...

Thanks. I am stealing the thingamejig!! lol.

Kippers Dickie said...

Now I've got it...what do I do with it?
Oh No..you are now going to tell me where to stick it!