28 September 2009

A Visitor is Expected

Zeltus is on his way over to the Back of Beyond from La Belle France for a flying visit as he has an interview locally on Wednesday, I will be working so won't be able to do much in the way of hospitality other than to provide bed and board but at least the house is now almost finished in terms of decoration so at least he won't be in a complete mess.

He is coming over by bike, and ferry, around about 600 miles in total but at least it is an overnight ferry.. I am hoping he will manage to get me some of the cheese that I like, the walnut coated variety which is a special of the Perigoux region; I am ashamed to admit that the last one I tried to take home ended up being confiscated at Limoges airport... if only I had put it in my main suitcase it would have survived but that's life.

This weekend saw a friend and colleague come over and help me take down the stuff which was stored on high in the shed, out came various items including - two plastic dogbeds, half a dozen demijohns, winemaking equipment, a deep fat fryer, pressure cookers (2), jam jars, bead seats, telescopic tripods for cameras, cool boxes (2) and assorted dust and spiders cobwebs.. thankfully now that is done the rest of the shed will be easier to manage.

I also managed to finish painting the study/3rd bedroom which was the last of my big painting tasks, now it is just the little fiddly bits and gloss work to be touched up... and hopefully then I can relax a bit more.

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